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Why Choose Us?

We know how important your electronic devices are to you. That is why are confident enough to be your one-stop wireless shop. With a wide range of services from unlocking to repairs, our friendly staff will be able to assist you with all of your wireless needs.


Our expert technicians complete all repairs using only the best quality parts to ensure your phone is in perfect working order in on time!


Questions, concerns, or just insight on the latest advancements in wireless technology? No worries! Our educated staff will assist you at no cost!

Quick and Convenient

All orders and repairs are processed quickly and efficiently to satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

Low Price Guarantee

We only provide products of high grade and excellent quality, all while being at an affordable price to you!

Smartphone Repair

Regardless of what’s wrong with your Smartphone, if we can’t fix it no one can. Although a cracked screen replacement is our most common Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy repair it’s not uncommon for other issues to arise during the life of your phone. This beautifully engineered device still has internal faults which can all be resolved by us. With normal wear and tear your Apple iPod or Apple iPhone devices may experience a fast draining battery, headphone problems, charging functions not working properly, or worn out buttons that no longer respond, a quick and simple tune up may be in order. Our replacement parts are Grade A+ Quality.


Affordable Mobile Phone & Tablet Device Repair

We are your s your number one source for Nationwide Prepaid Cell Phone shop. Bring us your device, we could fix it while you wait! We offer a 30 day in store part replacement agreement. Any issues after the 30 days will be assessed to the best of our ability and resolved if at all possible. We do understand that things happen where we may have made a mistake – so any problems you have with your device after the Repair, call and tell us IMMEDIATELY so we can get it fixed promptly.

Power Button

If the button is jammed, missing or unresponsive.

Side Buttons / Mute

If the volume buttons are jammed, missing, or unresponsive, and if the mute switch is sticking or jammed.

Front / Rear Cameras

If the camera is cracked, not opening, or obscured.

Home Button

If the button does not respond, is jammed, or is removed.


If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.


If your device is not charging, not holding a charge, or dying faster than it should.


If you are unable to communicate in a call or if voice control isn’t working.

Charging Port

If you power down the device and it turns right back on; or you are having trouble connecting the device to a computer or charger.


Limited Warranty on ALL Repairs

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our repairs. If the original repair fails because of the quality of a part we installed or due to the workmanship in repairing the device, we will fix it for FREE. No questions asked. You can’t beat a guarantee like that!

Expert Repair Technicians

your love for your electronic device is irreplaceable. Trust us… we know! That is why we only have highly qualified expert repair technicians to fix your device and get it back to like new conditions in on time!

We're Fast & Convenient

We really know our stuff and this experience shows in the quality and speed of our work. Many repairs can be done same day, while you wait. We know how inconvenient a broken device can be, so we work quickly to fix the issues and get you plugged back in.

Affordable Phones, Parts and Accessories

Not only do we specialize in repairing electronic devices, we also carry a wide range of smartphones, parts and accessories to satisfy your needs! We carry all the latest brands at low prices that are with in your budget.

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